Summer Fitness Challenge with Thesis Personal Training

Have Fun Getting Fit This Summer with Thesis

Kick off your summer with our new Thesis Summer Fitness Challenge. Thesis is encouraging everyone to get active while soaking up some rays and Vitamin D. Getting outside can significantly benefit your bone health, improve your immune function, elevate your mood, lower cardiovascular risk, and support your muscle function and strength. Sunlight exposure is a great way to maintain or increase Vitamin D levels while getting fit. 

Share your own personal Thesis fitness challenge photos and earn points to use at Thesis Personal Training. Shoot some photos, post them on Instagram, and tag @thesisfit with #thesissummerchallenge. Prizes will be awarded to winners at the end of the challenge so get outside, get fit, and get ready to share your fitness challenge with Thesis on Instagram today!

What is a fitness challenge?

A fitness challenge is designed to motivate people to achieve specific health and fitness goals through regular physical activity and wellness. Participants often receive support through online forums, social media groups, or in-person meetings, which foster a sense of community and accountability. Additionally, incentives such as prizes or certificates are offered upon completion. Fitness challenges can improve your physical fitness, and promote healthy habits through a summer fit program.

Who can participate in Thesis’ summer fitness challenge?

No matter what your current level of fitness may be, you can participate in our Thesis Summer Fitness Challenge. Everyone is welcome to join the fun and connect with us and other participants on Instagram. If you're new to fitness or just starting with Thesis, this beginner fitness challenge is a great way to get excited about improving your health. Join us on Instagram and at Thesis and take the first step towards a healthier you!

What do you get if you win the fitness challenge?

Participants who have earned the most points will win and receive:

  • One free personal training session at Thesis
  • A $50 gift card to Triple E Farms, a regenerative farm in West Virginia that raises and delivers 100% grass-fed, non-GMO beef, pasture-raised pork, chicken, and eggs to your doorstep.
  • One free month of shakes at our Thesis Shake Bar, plus a custom shake named after you.

How to Get Summer Fitness Challenge Points

You can earn one point for each summer fitness challenge story and one point per Instagram post that THESIS is tagged in. Every week, there will be a bonus point challenge so you can earn extra points. Complete the task, post a picture (post or story), and tag @thesisfit to earn 5 bonus points.

The Ultimate Goal of the Thesis Fitness Challenge

The ultimate goal of our Thesis summer fitness challenge which runs through the end of the month, is to encourage everyone to stay active outdoors, increase their Vitamin D levels, improve their overall fitness level and health while enjoying outdoor activity, and being social. Join our inclusive Thesis community of like-minded people focused on achieving a more active lifestyle and optimum health. Each week, on our Instagram account, we'll be posting about weekend activities in the area to help inspire some more outdoor fun as well. Get started by posting and sharing your summer fitness challenge today and follow Thesis on Instagram!