A statement or theory put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved.

We’re called Thesis because we’re out to prove a simple but novel theory: coordinating all aspects of wellness into a comprehensive and consistent long-term approach makes your health and fitness transformation more achievable and maintainable.

No Ultra Restrictive Diets

Achieve a healthier lifestyle by making better food choices, without the need for extreme diets that restrict what you eat.

Get Moving, Feel Your Best

Your current shape doesn't have to limit your ability to be active. Take the first step and your body will thank you.

Navigate Path to Fitness

Navigate the path of health, with the aim of achieving better health and wellness without conflicting or inaccurate information.

Add Fitness to Your Routine

Build fitness into your everyday routine with all day support to help you develop long term habits.


Treating our staff like valued experts instead of interchangeable parts, we attract, empower, and most importantly retain the best talent in the game. In ensuring a reliable, unparalleled experience, taking better care of our employees allows us to take better care of you.

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During Ori’s service as a combat specialist in Yamam - Israel’s most elite special forces unit - he was exposed to the highest level of physical training to achieve peak human performance. While completing his subsequent university studies in Hong Kong, Ori built a successful business training dozens of high-power professionals with a focus on optimizing fitness and physique while maintaining successful careers and social lives.



As a former Secret Service agent at the residence of the US Vice President, Dave’s professional career required dedication and discipline. As a competitive physique athlete, he became an expert in healthy and maintainable methods to achieve radical physical change.What truly sets Dave apart is his ability to absorb and apply new information and methodology across all aspects of fitness - from training and recovery to nutrition and supplementation, and everything in between. Dave invests as much in his own daily improvement as a trainer as he expects his clients to put into their physical transformations.As Thesis’s Head Trainer, Dave ensures our programming remains innovative, effective, maintainable, and - most importantly - convenient to your lifestyle.