muscle building personal trainer in Washington, D.c.

Welcome to Thesis, where we take a holistic approach to muscle building personal training. Our comprehensive program combines cutting-edge technology, world-class personal trainers, nutrition coaching, body composition monitoring, and sports massage to help you achieve your muscle building goals in a unique and effective way.

pERSONAL tRAINER Muscle Building nEAR mE

Our program coordinates personal training, nutrition, recovery, and fitness pain management through an ultra-dynamic, all-in-one tech platform to make your muscle building journey more convenient, efficient, and effective.

By weaving a hyper-personalized fitness plan into your unique lifestyle, we’ll help you achieve and maintain muscle building without sacrificing your career or social life.

Change For Good, Not For Now

Your new body will not be a rental. Our program balances a short-term transformation with long-term maintainability to make sure the new you becomes the forever you.

Coordinated, Collaborative, Committed.

Maintainable Results

Comprehensive Approach

Personalized Programming

Long-Term Partnership

World-class trainers

World-Class Facilities

All-Day Concierge Support

Tech-Driven - organized, centralized, efficient


Results Focused Personal Training

Nutrition Coaching

Stretching and Mobility

Physical Therapy and Sports Massage


Tech Driven Approach