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Meet Anthony G.; with a focus on athletic performance, Olympic weightlifting, and speed training, Anthony G. brings extensive experience in strength and conditioning coaching since 2017. He honed his skills through an internship at Georgetown University's S&C department and served as a strength and conditioning coach for a soccer team for a season.

Anthony's training philosophy centers around empowering individuals through resistance training. He believes that by harnessing the power of strength training, clients can unlock their true potential and become the best versions of themselves. His dedication to helping clients appreciate their own growth and progress is at the core of his approach.

In addition to his expertise in Olympic weightlifting and martial arts, Anthony G. brings a vibrant personality to the gym. Born and raised in Georgia, he pursued his undergraduate studies in West Virginia, cultivating a diverse background. On a lighter note, Anthony has a unique talent for mimicking pigeons, a skill that never fails to entertain those around him.

I've been a client at Thesis Personal Training in DC for several months now and I can say without a doubt, it's been life-changing. The trainers are knowledgeable and dedicated to helping their clients reach their goals, and the results speak for themselves. I've seen a significant improvement in my strength and overall fitness, as well as a noticeable change in my body composition. The studio is clean and well-equipped, and the trainers always create a safe and challenging workout environment. The community at Thesis Personal Training is welcoming and supportive, and the level of accountability provided by the trainers has been key to my success. If you're looking for real results in the DC area, I highly recommend Thesis Personal Training!
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