Meet Sean! The General Manager of Thesis and expert trainer specializing in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and helping individuals become stronger while building muscle. With 6.5 years of experience as a personal trainer and 11 years of lifting weights, Sean’s expertise shines through in every aspect of his work.

As the General Manager, Sean oversees the operations of Thesis Gym. His deep understanding of training methodologies makes him an invaluable asset to both the gym and its clients.

Sean’s training philosophy centers around pushing individuals beyond their perceived limits. He firmly believes in showing people that they can train harder than they ever thought possible, regardless of their fitness goals. Whether it’s fat loss, muscle building, or strength development, Sean emphasizes the importance of consistently stepping out of one’s comfort zone to achieve optimal results.

Outside the gym? Sean fully embraces his inner Harry Potter nerd as a proud member of Team Hufflepuff! He loves immersing himself in the magical world and enjoys discussing all things Hogwarts. Additionally, his competitive spirit extends beyond fitness, as he eagerly attends various sports games and enjoys the thrill of competition in every aspect of life.

In his free time, you can find Sean embarking on a new adventure—brewing his own mead and experimenting with different flavors. His dedication extends to owning a freezer stocked with an impressive 500 pounds of meat!

Working with Sean has been point-blank life-changing. This is so much more than a fitness program, he has taught me how to conquer stress/weather the storm and this has translated into every facet of my life. Sean is completely devoted to helping you achieve what you may think is the unattainable in terms of fitness goals and he puts his everything into planning the most challenging workouts and transformative nutrition plans. For the past year I have trained extensively with him and based on my experience, he has far exceeded my very demanding expectations with regard to athletic training and conditioning. It is truly the high point of my day to be able to train with Sean at Thesis- this is a world-class facility!

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