How we built the best personal training facilities in Washington DC

The space.

We took over a 6000 square foot facility that had been used as a group training studio with the goal of converting it into the most elite personal training gym in Washington D.C. The initial investment for converting the space was upwards of $1.2M.

Years of experience in designing high-end gyms.

"equipped like a D1 athletic department with the best of everything. It is always sparkling clean with their on staff cleaning crew and has high end spacious locker rooms with first class toiletries"

We took no shortcuts with our equipment. The majority of our equipment is manufactured in Canada by Atlantis. Atlantis is a highly specialized company which has long been considered a staple in every high level facility around the world. The selection of equipment at Thesis Personal Training DC is tailored to the needs of professionals. This means a large selection of plate and pin-loaded machines to construct situations whereby hypetrophy can be achieved quickly in a safe manner.

A mixture of wood and glass.

Inspiration for the design of our gym came from several high end facilities around the world. The goal was to have an inviting atmosphere which helped to diminish the typical overwhelming intimidating atmosphere in most gyms but at the same time, ensure that the gym feels like a gym. A place where you can work hard and feel comfortable getting out of your comfort zone and being pushed to your limits!

Private training with a great community atmosphere.

"The vibe is affirming and welcoming no matter the level of fitness you are in currently. The culture there embraces the diversity that is DC. It is LGBT friendly with a very diverse clientele of mostly DC professionals - lawyers, lobbyists, consultants, etc."

The goal was always to create a space where the advantages of private training are coupled with the benefits of a community and an environment where performance and results are treasured.

Premium changing rooms, luxury toiletries, recovery shake bar, physical therapy and sports massage.

We prioritized creating a space that placed a large influence on saving time for our clients. A place where clients have access to all of your health and fitness services.

Cleanliness a top priority

"The gym is extremely clean, every time I am there, a man is cleaning the entire time"

We've invested in a large front of house team to ensure that the space is clean 24/7.