Increasing Steps In Washington DC

How to increase step count throughout the day in Washington DC.

A significant component of our personal training services in Washington DC revolves around our clients' performance outside the gym.

Most clients train with us for only 3 hours a week. A mere 2.5% of your waking hours in a week.

Moreover, a strenuous strength and conditioning hour will ONLY burn between 100 and 250 calories depending on several variables.

Not enough to put you in a substantial calorie deficit.

Our goal is to increase activity outside of the gym.

We don’t mean going on 3-hour walks in the morning or evening (not maintainable or aligned with professional life in Washington DC).

Our goal is to find times throughout your day where you can increase your activity.

Here are a few common methods with local applications:

1)    Washington DC is an extremely walkable city. If you typically drive to work, think about finding ways to take the DC Metro. The short walks from the Metro stop to your workplace will add several thousand steps to your day. As a bonus, you now have 30-60 minutes daily to read and work!

2)    Conference calls! We’ve all been there. A conference call with 10+ people, and you find yourself mostly inactive. If you are fortunate enough to have these calls, why not get up and start pacing in your office? Better yet, outside! A 60-minute period of quick walking can add up to 6000-7000 steps. For a 200 LBS male, that can translate to as many as 350 calories.

3)    Coffee. Washington DC has a Starbucks on every corner. Pick one that’s several blocks away and walk there.

4)    Walking meetings. We love this at Thesis. In fact, most of our one-on-one meetings are completed outdoors while walking. Again, 60 minutes can translate to as many as 350 calories! Walk around the Washington DC Mall, Downtown DC, Dupont Circle etc.

The goal is small increments of activity that, over a day, add up.