THE Most Important Benefit of Personal Training

There are many benefits to hiring a personal trainer. But there’s one benefit that will be the biggest dealbreaker when it comes to you actually progressing to reach your goals, or maintaining the status quo.

Some people think that it’s knowledge and expertise that comes with hiring a personal trainer (or should we say the right personal trainer) that is the most valuable. Many people don’t know enough about programming, nutrition, or nuances like time under tension in order to successfully create a routine for themselves in the gym. Nor do they want to. Let’s be honest there is a lot to know. And while the right personal trainer can provide a wealth of knowledge and create a program that will set you up for success, it’s not the most important thing personal training will do for you.

Some people think that the most valuable thing a personal trainer does for you, is get you to train hard. And it’s true, you will never train as hard alone as you will if you have a trainer pushing you on every last rep. A fitness professional will most likely have a better gauge than you as to how far you can push yourself as strange as that sounds. If you’ve ever worked with one you know the feeling of complaining that you can’t do anymore only to find that you indeed can. But as important as it is, it’s still not the most valuable aspect of personal training.

Accountability is one you’ll often hear. Everyone needs some accountability, and you certainly get it with a good trainer. At Thesis you get more accountability than you bargain for, as we know how critical it is to setting anyone up for success. Having someone holding you accountable is sure to keep you on a more direct track than not. But as crucial as accountability is, it’s still not the most value that personal training will give you.

So what is the most beneficial aspect of personal training? What is it about personal training that brings you the most value? Honestly, the answer is simple. You pay for it. It can even be expensive. The most important aspect of personal training is it costs you money. Money that you worked hard to earn. The best things in life may be free, but the truth is as human beings we want to get our money’s worth for things, and when we pay for them, we value them more. Like how parents make their kids do chores to earn a few dollars here and there so they can buy their own toys. The money is still coming from the parents’ pockets, but they know that their children having to forfeit their hard earned dollars to buy the toy will be the difference between the toy being lost or tossed to the side, and the toy being cared for. Not to compare adults to children… but the psychology is the same. Or if you have a concert to attend on a day that you’ve had disaster after disaster at work, and by the time you drag yourself through your front door, all you can think of doing is sinking into your couch. If you were gifted those tickets from a friend who couldn’t make the concert, there’s a good likelihood that you will spend the evening watching Amazon Prime. If you bought the tickets yourself, you will most likely drag yourself back up and through Capital One Arena so the tickets don’t go to waste.

There is one caveat to this truth, the caveat being that all the aforementioned points must be in order for the personal training to have any value at all. In order for your personal training to be beneficial, you need a personal trainer who is knowledgeable, who pushes you in the right ways, and who keeps you accountable. Otherwise, the money you spend on it might as well be flushed down the toilet. But if you need a personal trainer in Washington DC who will do all of the above and more, and give you the most bang for your buck, schedule a consult with us.