Ben, originally from Alexandria, VA, embodies a diverse athletic background, having delved into wrestling, crew, cross country, track, BJJ, powerlifting, and soccer throughout his life. His friends would describe him as strong, passionate, and empathic, qualities that shine through in both his personal and professional endeavors. In the realm of personal training, Ben is akin to a mad scientist, constantly tinkering with programs and exercises to enhance their effectiveness. His approach revolves around discovering intensity within capacity, pushing clients to their limits while fostering growth and resilience.

Outside of his role as a personal trainer, Ben finds solace and enjoyment in a myriad of activities. Whether it's hiking through nature's trails, immersing himself in the world of video games, or simply spending quality time with friends, he embraces every opportunity for new experiences. A self-professed enthusiast of exploration and connection, Ben's journey into personal training was driven by a desire to find balance between healthy and indulgent habits, all while forging meaningful connections with his clients. His journey is a testament to his holistic approach to life, where growth, learning, and human connection form the cornerstone of his existence.

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