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Meet Quentin, he has an impressive array of specializations that include athletic-based training in football, basketball, and lacrosse, as well as knee recovery and rehabilitation pre and post-operation. Quentin brings his skills in coaching Olympic Lifts for both powerlifting and CrossFit competitions, adding another layer of expertise to the team.

With an experience that dates back to when he was just 17, Quentin has a ton of experience. He worked at Burr Strength & Performance from 2019-2022 and at Noble Athletics from 2022-2023. He is no stranger to the sports world himself, having played college football at Muhlenberg College. Quentin has trained collegiate athletes across DI, DII, and DIII levels in sports ranging from football to women's soccer. His experience also extends to youth training, working with kids aged 6 to 18, including coaching boxing classes and strength and performance training for Upper Loudoun Little League.

Quentin's training philosophy is refreshingly straightforward: make it fun, make it effective, and make it accessible. "Working out should be a break from reality where you focus on yourself and your goals," he says. Quentin prides himself on his ability to motivate clients by keeping their routines exciting and tailored to their needs.

I’ve been training at Thesis for over a month and it’s been a great experience. My trainer (shout out to Quentin) has pushed me but also very encouraging. Also has helped me with nutrition/changing diet. I’m definitely seeing results. But CANNOT put a price on how confident and stronger I feel. Everyone I’ve met at the gym has been funny, nice. It’s definitely an investment but fully worth it.
Peggy Toole

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