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Quentin, a graduate of Muhlenberg College, has been a dedicated personal trainer since 2018. His athletic journey began in high school, where he played football, basketball, and lacrosse. He continued his football career at Muhlenberg, further cementing his passion for sports and fitness.

Friends describe Quentin as funny and talented, while his coworkers see him as humorous, omnipotent, and charming. These qualities reflect his engaging personality and exceptional skill set. Quentin's professional experience is extensive, having worked one-on-one with college athletes from D1, D2, and D3 schools in football, soccer, and lacrosse. He has also trained youth baseball, basketball, cheerleading, and football teams from elementary through high school levels. His role in managing Burr Strength & Performance in Purcellville and his training in CrossFit and Olympic lifts at Noble Athletics showcase his versatility and leadership in the fitness industry.

Quentin's approach to personal training centers on making workouts enjoyable and effective. He believes that training should be a fun escape from reality, allowing clients to focus on themselves and their goals. By keeping sessions engaging and straightforward, Quentin ensures his clients stay motivated and make steady progress. His philosophy is that if a concept can't be easily explained to a child, it's too complicated for training, emphasizing the importance of clear and accessible coaching.

Outside of his professional life, Quentin enjoys watching professional and college sports, playing with his dog Jaws, and participating in various outdoor activities such as hiking, shooting, and recreational sports. A superhero fan, he holds Spider-Man and Batman as his top two favorites.

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