Meet Ryan, a distinguished trainer at Thesis with over a decade of experience in the industry. His credentials are a testament to his expertise, boasting certifications from NASM, PTA Global, and even the U.S. Olympic Committee. Ryan's reach extends beyond the traditional gym setting; he's trained professional MMA athletes and has even created an NASM-accredited educational course for trainers.

Ryan takes a revolutionary approach to training, viewing "fitness" not merely as an adaptation to known challenges but as a constantly evolving pursuit of betterment. His philosophy emphasizes not just resilience but growth, preparing you for the unpredictabilities of life. He sees stress and challenges not as adversaries but as opportunities for growth. "I don't just want to prepare you for the known; I want to equip your mind and body to love the adventure of life, and to continuously grow from every twist and turn it offers," Ryan asserts.

Away from Thesis, Ryan's multidimensional persona shines through. He enjoys reading and writing, a likely source of his philosophical approach to fitness. He's also into hiking and has an artistic side, dabbling in photography and graphic design. Oh, and don't let his serene philosophical disposition fool you; he's not above talking some good-natured trash now and then.

Adding a nostalgic twist to his intriguing profile, Ryan is a huge fan of '90s Hip-Hop and R&B, demonstrating that his taste in music is as finely tuned as his training philosophies.

I brought my son to Thesis this summer. To sum it up, this is a fantastic gym - for so many reasons. For starters - the trainers are excellent. They do not do anything in a 'cookie cutter' manner. They actually listen to you, help you establish goals and, most importantly, deliver strong results. Their focus on injury prevention is key and they can help you to work through almost any issue. They are serious about the training, while also being very approachable and friendly. They take a holistic approach to fitness - from nutrition to flexibility, core strength, muscle balance, you name it. My son wanted to get stronger and quicker for sports. The results after just two months were obvious - not just in strength and speed, but also confidence. He will be a member of the Thesis family for years to come. Worth every penny and I recommend Thesis without hesitation.
Bryant Hall

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