Couples’ Personal Training in Washington, D.C.

You and your partner can both benefit from working out together at the same time and enjoy the luxury one-on-one treatment your individual Thesis couples personal trainers offer so you can both reach and exceed your fitness goals.

Train Alongside Your Partner

At Thesis, our Couples' Personal Training program is set up so that partners seeking peak performance can come in and train at the same time while still getting the individualized workout plan that each person needs. Our primary goal is to enhance their physical capabilities, prioritizing better muscle tone, increased endurance, and tailored fitness objectives. With the expertise of our personal trainers, couples can rely on guidance and support to achieve and maintain their fitness goals, ensuring they excel in their individual fitness journeys at the same time.



Each of you will meet with one of our personal trainers who will conduct an initial assessment to evaluate your current fitness level, review any necessary medical history and any previous injuries that may be relevant, and discuss your goals and objectives.


After the evaluation, your dedicated personal trainer will design a personalized roadmap to guide you towards your fitness goals with safety and longevity in mind. They'll organize a training timetable for your sessions at Thesis and offer insights into home workouts that you and your partner can engage in collectively to enhance your training regimen.


Your personal trainers will be there for each of you every step of the way, offering in-person sessions at the gym and staying connected via the Thesis Fit app to monitor your progress. They'll make any necessary adjustments promptly and provide ongoing support, encouragement, and guidance to ensure you stay on track with your fitness goals.


Plan your workouts together

Encourage each other toward your goals

Get individualized planning and training

Get tips on how you and your partner can train together at home


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Discovering Thesis a year ago was akin to uncovering a hidden treasure for my health and well-being, and it's been so impactful that both my partner and I are committed attendees, visiting 3-4 times a week. Thesis isn't just another gym; it's a private, exclusive sanctuary for fitness and wellness that requires a keypad for entry, ensuring privacy and security.
Doug Foster

Frequently Asked Questions

What is couples' personal training?

In couples personal training, Initially, both individuals undergo separate assessments to determine their specific needs, strengths, and areas for improvement. Based on these assessments, our trainers develop personalized workout plans that address each person's unique goals, ensuring that exercises are appropriate and challenging for their respective fitness levels. Despite the individualized plans, trainers also incorporate shared goals and exercises that both members can perform together, enhancing their motivation and fostering a sense of teamwork.

What are the benefits of training as a couple at Thesis?

Some of the benefits of personal training for couples at Thesis include: 

Increased Motivation: Working out together can boost motivation, encouraging each other to push through tough workouts or to stick to your fitness routine on days when you might otherwise skip.

Improved Efficiency: You can perform partner-assisted exercises and help each other with form corrections, making your workouts more effective.

Emotional Support: Your partner can provide emotional support and encourage you making it easier to overcome challenges and celebrate successes together.

Healthy Competition: A friendly competitive spirit can make workouts more fun and challenging, pushing you both to work harder.

Quality Time Together: In today's busy world, finding quality time can be challenging. Working out together at Thesis offers an opportunity to spend quality time together while also taking care of your health.

Individualized Personalized Training Plans: You and your partner can each receive your own individualized training plan that caters to each of your fitness levels and goals, while planning your workouts at the same time. This ensures you both get the most out of your gym experience.

Individual Nutrition Plans: Each of you can receive individualized nutrition plans, help with meal planning, supplement recommendations, ongoing support, and accountability while supporting each other.  

Working out at Thesis Gym helps you achieve your fitness goals but also strengthens your relationship, making it a rewarding experience for both your physical and emotional well-being.

What should my partner and I expect during our initial consultations with a personal trainer?

You and your partner will each have an individual consultation with your own personal trainer at Thesis to familiarize us with your lifestyle and a thorough diagnostic evaluation to assess your physical condition. We develop individual personalized training strategies for both you and your partner to align with your daily lives.

How is personal training at Thesis personalized to each member of a couple?

Personal training at Thesis is customized for each member of a couple through a process that caters to their individual fitness levels, goals, and preferences while encouraging mutual support and shared achievements. 

Throughout the program, trainers provide ongoing monitoring and feedback for each individual, making adjustments as necessary to ensure both members are progressing towards their personal and shared fitness objectives.

This approach ensures that personal training at Thesis supports individual growth while strengthening the bond between partners through shared fitness paths.

How easily can couples get in touch with their personal trainers at Thesis?

Our Thesis personal trainers are accessible through the Thesis app so you can both receive unwavering support in real-time on a regular basis when you need it and ensure you meet your goals.

What kinds of exercises can couples easily do at home in addition to their personal training sessions?

Couples can enhance their home workouts with these simple yet effective exercises which are also great for bonding:

  • Partner Planks: Face each other in plank position, adding high fives with alternating hands for a challenge.
  • Squat Holds and Dips: One partner squats against a wall while the other performs tricep dips using their partner's knees.
  • Medicine Ball Passes: Sitting back-to-back, pass a medicine ball by twisting side to side, targeting the core.
  • Push-Up with Shoulder Taps: Do push-ups facing each other and tap your partner's opposite shoulder at the top.
  • Leg Throw-Downs: One lies down and lifts their legs; the other pushes down gently, working the core.
  • Back-to-Back Wall Sit: Perform a wall sit back-to-back, maintaining squat position, to strengthen legs and core.
  • Partner Yoga: Try two-person yoga poses to boost balance, flexibility, and communication.
  • Mirror Workouts: Perform synchronized exercises like jumping jacks or squats facing each other for fun and coordination.

How long does it typically take for couples to see results with a personal trainer?

The timeframe for couples to see results with a personal trainer can vary based on starting fitness levels, consistency with training and nutrition, specific goals, and how well a personalized program is followed. Most couples notice improvement within 4 to 6 weeks of regular, consistent training sessions. Initial results may include increased energy levels, better sleep quality, improved strength and endurance, and possibly changes in body composition.

More significant and visible results, like substantial weight loss, muscle gain, or dramatic performance improvements, typically take longer—often 3 to 6 months of dedicated effort. Progress is not always linear and can vary. Setting realistic goals and maintaining open communication with the personal trainer for ongoing adjustments and support are important for both of your sustained progress and satisfaction with the training process.

How many times a week should a couple do personal training?

The frequency of personal training sessions for a couple can vary depending on their fitness goals, availability, budget, and individual preferences. Typically, couples might engage in personal training sessions anywhere from 1 to 3 times per week.

Once a Week: This frequency might work for couples with busy schedules. It allows for regular check-ins and guidance from a personal trainer.

Twice a Week: Couples looking to accelerate their progress or who have specific fitness goals may attend twice-weekly sessions. This allows for more focused training, addressing different aspects of fitness, and potentially faster results.

Three Times a Week: This is suitable for couples who are committed to their fitness goals, or those who want intensive guidance and accountability.

Couples should discuss their goals and preferences with their individual Thesis personal trainers to determine the frequency that’s best for their needs and lifestyle. Additionally, couples should ensure they're balancing their training with proper rest and recovery to avoid overtraining and injury.

What You'll Find At Thesis

Cardio Area and Resistance Machines

At Thesis, you can find a wide range of cardio and resistance machines designed to enhance your cardiovascular fitness and cater to various muscle groups.

Free Weights and Functional Training Area

Thesis prides itself on its extensive collection of free weights, catering to those seeking versatile and functional strength training.

Open Mats for Stretching and Core Workouts

Before and after a good workout, make sure you take time to stretch out those muscles to help prevent soreness.

Locker Room

Keep your things safe and sound in your own private locker while you work out. Then enjoy a quick shower in our immaculately-clean showers before getting back to your busy day.

Member Lounge

Hang out in the lounge area at Thesis either before or after your workout. It's a great place to meet other people and enjoy a shake from our shake bar.

Physical Therapy Room

For anyone who needs a little help recovering from an injury, Thesis offers physical therapy services in this quiet, private physical therapy room.


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