Couples’ Personal Training in Tysons, VA

Experience the perks of training alongside your partner at Thesis. With dedicated personal trainers for each of you, enjoy tailored sessions that propel both of you towards your fitness goals.

Get Fit Alongside Your Partner

At Thesis, our Couples' Personal Training program is designed for partners aiming for peak performance. Train at the same time while receiving personalized workout plans tailored to each individual's needs. We focus on improving muscle tone, boosting endurance, and meeting specific and shared fitness goals. With the guidance of our expert personal trainers, couples can excel in their fitness journeys simultaneously, ensuring optimal results for both.



Begin your journey with a one-on-one session with our personal trainers, where they'll assess your current fitness level, discuss your medical history, and understand your goals.


Following the assessment, your dedicated trainer will create a personalized roadmap tailored to your goals, ensuring safety and effectiveness. They'll also design a training schedule at Thesis and suggest home workouts for you and your partner.


Throughout your fitness journey, your personal trainers will be by your side, offering in-person sessions and tracking your progress through the Thesis Fit app. They'll make adjustments as needed and provide ongoing support to keep you motivated and on track.


Motivate each other towards shared goals

Discover ways to exercise together at home

Coordinate your workouts as a team

Receive personalized planning and training


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Discovering Thesis a year ago was akin to uncovering a hidden treasure for my health and well-being, and it's been so impactful that both my partner and I are committed attendees, visiting 3-4 times a week. Thesis isn't just another gym; it's a private, exclusive sanctuary for fitness and wellness that requires a keypad for entry, ensuring privacy and security.
Doug Foster

Frequently Asked Questions

What is couples’ personal training?

In couples personal training, each partner first receives their own assessment to identify their individual strengths, weaknesses, and fitness needs. Using this information, a Thesis couple personal trainer creates workout plans that align with each person’s specific goals while ensuring the exercises match their fitness level. Although the plans are personalized, the trainer also develops a workout that incorporates mutual goals and activities both partners can do together. This boosts motivation and strengthens the collaborative spirit between partners.

What advantages come with training together as a couple at Thesis?

Working out together at Thesis in Tysons increases motivation because partners encourage each other to persist through challenging workouts, even on days with low enthusiasm. This plan allows for partner-assisted exercises and mutual form corrections. A friendly competitive spirit pushing both to achieve higher goals. Couple workouts provide quality time together, allowing both partners to focus on their health. Each person receives a personalized training plan developed for their specific fitness levels and goals. Guidance on nutrition and supplements, ensures both partners receive additional mutual support. Training together at Thesis helps couples achieve their fitness goals while strengthening their relationship, making it a rewarding experience.

How is personal training at Thesis customized to each individual in a couple?

Couples personal training at Thesis is focused on each member of a couple, ensuring that the process respects their unique fitness levels, goals, and preferences, while also fostering mutual support and celebrating shared accomplishments. Our trainers monitor each person’s progress, providing continuous feedback and making adjustments to help you progress toward both personal and shared fitness goals. Personal training at Thesis is designed to support personal growth and enhance the connection between partners through a collaborative approach to fitness.

What should we expect at our first couples’ personal training session?

At your first couples personal training session, expect a collaborative experience designed to set you both up for success in your fitness journey. Here’s what typically happens:

Initial Consultation: You will each begin with a consultation where the trainer will discuss each of your fitness goals, health history, and any specific needs or preferences. This conversation helps the trainer understand where you both are starting from and what you hope to achieve.

Assessments: You may undergo some fitness assessments which could include measurements of strength, flexibility, endurance, and possibly body composition. These assessments give the trainer baseline data to customize your training plan.

Introduction to Exercises: Expect to be introduced to various exercises, focusing on form and technique. The trainer will show you both how to perform each exercise correctly to maximize effectiveness and minimize injury risk.

Light Workout: Depending on the length of the consultation and assessments, the first session may include a light workout. This workout serves as a practical introduction to the types of exercises you will be doing and allows the trainer to observe your current fitness levels.

Discussion of Plan: Towards the end of the session, the trainer will outline a proposed workout plan customized for your joint and individual goals. This plan will consider your availability, fitness levels, and preferences.

Q&A Time: You'll have the opportunity to ask questions about the workout routine, fitness principles, or anything else you need clarification on.

Setting Expectations: Finally, the trainer will set clear expectations for what to bring to future sessions, how to prepare, and tips on nutrition and recovery.

Your first session helps build a relationship with your couples personal trainer, setting the tone for your training regimen. It's a time to ensure that you both feel comfortable and excited about the journey ahead.

Do the Tysons personal trainers offer nutrition coaching to the couples that they work with?

At Thesis, nutrition coaching for couples offers a multitude of benefits that enhance both individual health and shared wellness goals. By working with a nutritional coach, couples receive personalized nutrition plans designed for each partner's needs, goals, and lifestyle. These custom plans optimize health and performance, providing a solid foundation for achieving fitness objectives.

A nutritional coach also provides accountability, helping both people stay committed to a healthy eating plan. This support is invaluable for those who find it challenging to maintain consistent dietary habits. Couples benefit from educational insights from their coach, empowering them to make healthy food choices.

Dietary adjustments are made to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. For athletic couples, the coach adjusts nutritional strategies to boost performance, ensuring dietary intake supports rigorous training routines Thesis nutritional coaches also offer emotional support, motivating couples in their holistic health strategy.

How can we track our progress with couples’ personal training?

You can each track your progress using Thesis Fit personal training tracking mobile app. Sync our Thesis mobile app with your Apple Watch or Fitbit to receive updates, motivation, and support from your Thesis personal trainer. Our mobile fitness app uses cutting-edge technology so you can monitor your nutrition, see before and after photos, get personalized guidance, track your steps, get workout reminders, and much more. Our Thesis Fit mobile app will empower you to reach your fitness goals so download it today and get started.

What kinds of exercises can couples do at home between their personal training sessions at Thesis?

Couples can maintain their fitness momentum at home with a variety of exercises like bodyweight workouts, resistance band exercises, and partner-assisted activities. These activities improve physical health and improve connection between partners, making couple workouts a fun, shared activity.

How often do you recommend that couples come in for personal training sessions?

The number of personal training sessions a couple attends each week can differ based on their fitness objectives, availability, budget, and personal preferences. Generally, couples have personal training sessions three times per week. For those with hectic schedules, training once a week can still provide regular guidance and allow for consistent progress checks with a personal trainer. Couples who are eager to advance more quickly may find that meeting who appreciate more rigorous guidance and accountability. Couples should work with their trainers at Thesis to establish a frequency that aligns with their lifestyle to Incorporate rest between sessions to prevent overtraining and injuries.

How soon do couples typically start to see results from their training sessions at Thesis?

Since each person is different, the time it takes to see results from working with your Thesis couples personal trainer depends on each person’s initial fitness level, how consistently they train and follow their nutrition plans, their goals, and how closely they follow their individual program. Most people notice improvements within 4 to 6 weeks of regular and consistent training.

Early results may show improved energy levels, better sleep quality, and increased strength and endurance. More visible success like significant weight loss, muscle gain, or performance improvement, generally requires about 3 to 6 months of dedicated effort. Setting realistic goals and receiving support from your Thesis personal trainer for couples will help achieve ongoing progress.

What You'll Find At Thesis

Cardio Area and Resistance Machines

At Thesis, you can find a wide range of cardio and resistance machines designed to enhance your cardiovascular fitness and cater to various muscle groups.

Free Weights and Functional Training Area

Thesis prides itself on its extensive collection of free weights, catering to those seeking versatile and functional strength training.

Open Mats for Stretching and Core Workouts

Before and after a good workout, make sure you take time to stretch out those muscles to help prevent soreness.

Locker Room

Keep your things safe and sound in your own private locker while you work out. Then enjoy a quick shower in our immaculately-clean showers before getting back to your busy day.

Member Lounge

Hang out in the lounge area at Thesis either before or after your workout. It's a great place to meet other people and enjoy a shake from our shake bar.

Physical Therapy Room

For anyone who needs a little help recovering from an injury, Thesis offers physical therapy services in this quiet, private physical therapy room.


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